Cruel people in Zambian community

My heart is heavy right now, there is so much cruelty of killing animals in Zambia, communities in most African Countries will never cease to shock you, I pick Zambia particularly because that is where I come from, and where my mother lives.I come from a family that love animals. My parents always have dogs 3 to 5 all the time. She gets her happiness from playing with her dogs, they give her inner peace she misses from Dad who passed away 3 years ago. But this year has been so traumatising and tormenting for my poor elderly mum. She has lost in total 6 dogs this year alone. These dogs are been killed in the community for no apparent reason, only about 5% of the entire Zambia bifocal my calculations are right love animals (dogs) in particular.  I will tell you what happens in Zambia, your hearts will bleed with pain,  95%  of Zambian  communities hate and  stone dogs on the street, dogs go without meals, they eat from rubbish sites in the street. Birds like owls are stoned to death l do not  want to go further explaining how unfortunate my country is. They care less about animals, sure my heart pours out to mum today again her two puppies have been poisoned to death they died this morning.  The names of the dogs are Hunter and Risky aged 4 months. Tears are pouring as I don’t know how console my mother her Blood pressure is spiking since the sad news. May Hunter and Risky rest in peace. I wish to get more views for this blog probably someone out there has an idea how we can create an awareness of animal killing in Africa. Justice will prevail for Hunter and Risky. 

Hunter and Risky in pictures last pic my mother with momo who was also killed about two months ago. My heart is at so much pain.