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The reasons why people hate you so much!!!

The weird truth why people hate you is that they are busy counting your blessings one by one.

You have a high profile functioning as a Doctor, solicitor, teacher, Nurse, actor, social worker, musician, sports person, architecture, engineer etc.

You have done very well academically.

You dress appropriately for every event office, cocktail, outdoor leisure time, dinner outings and just fun time with friends.

You have a nice house that you built or bought through your hard work.

You have a car that is well maintained.

You live in a upper class residential areas.

You have a partner who loves you all seasons and is not ashamed of your changing looks.

You have a partner who appreciate your hard work and never takes an advantage of your achievements but takes pride showing the public your deserve it.

You have better in laws who relate to you like your own siblings.

You have beautiful kids when they are in public never let you down, and they respect people of all age group.

Your kids do very well at school you don’t tell them when it’s time for home or play time.

Your children cares for you, they help you with daily routines and show you things that may be too complicated to understand. They remind you to be safe all the time and check on you on regular on basis. They tell you they love you everyday.

You are caring, kind and loving to everyone and so you have good circles.

You have a trustworthy friend who is there for you in every season.

You have vibrant skills in; designing clothes, building, electrical, sewing, fitness instructor, cookery, painting, hairdressing, make-up and beauty, fashion designer, any DIY you are super good.

You talk less and avoids drama.

You love taking walks or a run with your partner and good friends rather than low key basic chats.

You live abroad, your lifestyle has changed over a period of time, living with people from different backgrounds is hard, in order to live in harmony with everybody you got to train yourself how to keep to yourself. However, when you return to your native country no one understands but pick you, pick you like you are from another world.

You are in a relationship with a foreign person nothing impresses a humakind.

You eat clean and avoid too much intake of calories people think you showing off.

You travel alot it’s just your hobby more like any other e.g gardening, listening to music, watching Telly, reading, hiking, yoga, dancing etc

Sometimes you are only minding your own business it kills someone.

Don’t put your mind to it, God loves you just the way you are.