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West African Men leave Zambian women alone🙈🙈

Hey guys am back again with a more sensitive blog post. As you can see from the title, yes please am begging you West African Men leave Zambian girls alone. Make sure you read this story to the end. Don’t crucify me with hurtful comments.

The reason I feel our West African brothers must lay off their fingers on our girls is that.

We are from different parts of Africa you might say nonsense! YES true that is let me explain, Africa is a beautiful continent divided in several countries, we are totally different despite same colour skin tone, we have different cultures in every aspect of life, food how we dine, dress code apart from Western borrowed 🤣🤣, businesses, parties, weddings, just to mention a few however, these difference can carry an impact in a lifestyle. Zambian people by nature are cooler with low tone voices, they are a lay back culture, very small population but very very happy people to be with, everywhere you meet a Zambian you will be at peace and safe. Because of their natural coolness they less disagree and little argumentative. So for instance if they met a West African man and the relationship kicks off into marriage things will be OK in the few days of a relationship, fast forward to when they have their children, men often want to settle in their countries rather than Zambia, they want their children to grow up with the man’s culture other than the wife, leaving this poor Zambian girl alone and miserable, it is a sad situation.

If I remember very well in the late 90s men from West Africa dominated my country Zambia, then there was this doggy business of mining minerals illegally, they flocked into my country like swams, three quarters of every single and married woman in town was lured into these guys fake enchanting way of life with doggy money and expensive gold. Marriages were broken young girls were taken hostage into their countries and returned home with nothing if luck to be alive. Some crossed borders and found themselves in brothels travel documents where confiscated from them and never returned home to their loved ones.

This blog is just to highlight some of the problems my fellow Zambian girls faced and still facing today. To all Zambian girls not all that glitters is Gold, stick to what will give you peace and joy, less drama and respectful.