A Single woman in most African countries is termed as ‘PROMISCUOUS’.

One love to every women out there, single, married, widowed, young and elderly, we are all unique in our own ways and we all desire equal treatment and respect. A woman back in the day from genesis was believed to have been created from a man’s rib, God blended her with beautiful features to enhance her outlooks and be a flower of the world. He blessed every a girl individually a way when she is grown up and become a Woman, she will be able to get married and bear children.

In most African countries particularly my own country Zambia, both elderly men and women start getting a raised pulse at some point in life they will be wondering why their daughter is not introducing any one to the family especially after 25. They will hesitate for a few years, but into her 30s they will put their foot down and start chatting amongst family members or even friends in the community, all in the hope of getting their daughter hitched. Some maybe lucky and will succeed via friends, others will not mind but wait until nature take its course. Can you imagine those views are directly coming from within family members, what more to the outside world where people don’t keep up to themselves.

You will hear things or see communities gathering their own stories and gossip everywhere about a Single Woman, they will usually see her as a threat to married women and often refer to as a prostitute who can dented an image of the community. She will be called all sorts of names… say there goes a ‘whore’ who is just after other women’s husbands. They will not respect this woman regardless of her contribution in the society. A Single Women in most African Countries is termed as “PROMISCUOUS” this is so wrong ladies and gentlemen, not every woman is, I am not denying the fact that there some that may suits whatever. A woman who can not have children is also at risk of abuse by a husband and his family, a woman you are busy laughing at has endured pain you don’t know how much she has suffered with women issues, some women have had chronic healthy conditions that stood in their lives ever since they were born, probably the doctors took out her uterus so her life could saved. An African man will not tolerate all that and he will surely not settle down for such a woman, even if it was discovered later into marriage the man and his family will gang up until the marriage is dissolved. So so sad to this minute there are a lot of women going through such a trauma.

A Single woman spent several years to get her credentials together in order to present a higher Profile functioning career so she could serve her community. She fault sleepless nights in the most rewarding job…. “raising children” by herself as well as providing high quality care in her career as a Doctor, nurse, engineer, Lawyer, architecture, teacher, Bank, etc. A woman who was not blessed in all that i mentioned above had her blessings in another roles and she is still Woman.

Every woman deserves

respect married or not with children or without.

Please let us not be judgemental to single women who have not been lucky to get married or be able to have children, their life story will open floods in your eyes. Most of them are in so much torture as you read my post they are even too embarrassed to share their story, give them a handshake next time you meet one and tell them it is well.❤ let us help to build a community a more friendlier place and peace shall stand for the whole wide world..


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