Marriage is a beautiful thing, I remember when I was growing up my parents used to say marriage is a “holy sacred” that just simply means holy and has to be respected” but again it depends on an individual and how they see it. From generations to generation in different parts of the World, a Wedding is an important occasion celebrated mostly among families and close friends.

In my indigenous country (Zambia) a girl is free to choose her own groom as long as the couple is happy that’s what matters, parents give their blessings and help to guide them during the process and also help the couple to meet the Wedding budget. Ages ago, marriages were greatly appreciated when done within the tribes, today it is still happening although the majority has gone with diversity. I am not too sure why probably it was a cultural thing among different tribes, but with time everything has changed, you can cross borders and choose who you want to marry, it is such an awesome change has this trend has brought so much unity and love within the communities and the World at large.

Time changes everything and life goes on, love can cross borders like I mentioned earlier, love has grown at another level everywhere and it has taken us places, we have embraced love through different backgrounds, colour, religion, culture etc. Through it all and with due respect love bring people together. Love of two people from different continents can unify the nation and make this World a much more friendlier place to be.

This year 2018 is one of those special moments in the history of British Royal family, we have this great opportunity in life to celebrate with them has Prince Harry weds Ms Markle.

I and my British partner are over the moon for the couple’s upcoming Wedding, and we thought why not, lets cheer with them and share the love.

I spoke to few friends who are in interracial relationships and their love stories were awesome, maybe one day we can arrange to film our community and share more stories. I was lucky to share one of the couple’s story who are just as excited as we are for the Royal Wedding. Together we want to spread love and help to build a much more friendlier community.

This couple was no other than Mr and Mrs Roed of Denmark🍻🍾🍾🎊🎉.

Eddie is Danish and Chanda is a Zambian girl they met in 2015 via a family friend when she was on vacation in Denmark. Eddie was swept under the rainbow clouds for this beauty, and he did not waste any chance and to followed her 24/7, but you know has the saying goes, “a woman is weaker by heart when she meets her Prince Charming. Chanda was not exceptional at this stage although she was reluctant to live her parents she adore so much, her career and friends , she could not resist the temptations of a heart throbbing Prince charming of Danish soils, fast forward to 2016 they exchanged their vows on 15th September at the Registry, thereafter they graced the beautiful ceremony at St Mathews Catholic Church on 4th February, 2017 surrounded by their loved family and close friends in Zambia. The couple is now based in Denmark and they lived happily thereafter.


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