No Customer Service in African Hair Shops😲😲

This is not to disrespect any hairdressers or hair shop owners out there. Am a part-time hairdresser myself but I do not do it for money. I do it for my family and close friends. At some point I used to do it for my pocket money in secondary school, then I was a teenage and did not know much about customer services. Coming from a background of black ethnicity has made me realise things were done and still done in a different way business wise.

Women in particular are the beauty of the world, every woman’s beauty is the crown of their hair. From very old days, women covered the hair before any public engagement, some as a religion belief, some just for fashion. And today the practice is the same with so much evolution taken place. Hair business has boomed in art and fashion industry, even just doing it for personal gain. Across the planet men and women have made it has a source of income, some just way of saving their few quids/dollars/Kwacha at the monthend.

In my country and just Africa in all becoming an hairdresser does not require a place in the Uni, we used to learn from friends doing it and you go from there, I started practising in my mums and sisters hair, I was interested and used to feel rewarded each time I plait my own hair and get all the nice comments on the street. Years passed with colleges and career in the way, I kind of relaxed on that journey so often times I could book an appointment at an hairdresser to do my hair.

Time changes everything now in Europe life is fast and all you do is working most of time, there isn’t chance to do certain hairstyles, hence you are forced to visit hairdressers, when in my country and in UK I regularly do that. But I have lived with this for so long now and I just thought I could share, maybe my experience has been felt by another women or different but it is happening. My aim is to find out how we can help each other in this kind of business (hair shop) and grow a much more desired Hairstylist professional business.

There is no customer services in African Hair Shops 😲😲😲, not sure why??? Time and again you walk in the shop at the right time say your appointment is booked at 08.00am they start doing your hair at 10.00am, if you get an apologie you are lucky, and in between they leave you for chats, tattle telling and meddling yet they are busy addressing you “Aunty/mum” even that is very unprofessional addressing customers with titles why not get every customer sign up a register and call them by their names “Hallo ladies” that’s sounds more proffessional surely. I have never seen that in other hair shops like the minority of European and few Asian Hair Shops. You may scorn 😲👊👊👊 me for this but it is based on my experience. I now appreciate that getting an hair done or setting up an hair business isn’t just about beautifying someone. School is a major necessity in our lives as it help us to shape us morally and to be able to interact with everyone on a professional level.


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