If you went to machona primary school or Rokana primary school in Kitwe Zambia Southern Africa back in the early 70s 80s and early 90s, my mum may have taught you, she sends her greetings so much and she would like to hear from you and who you have become over the years, the bottom line is she just wants to hear you are alive and alright. Why I decided to post this on her behalf, yesterday I rang her and we chat for hours she told me how her friend’s daughter memorial services touched her so deep such her mind threw her back in the days as a teacher….. she went on…the pain of losing a child as a mother is unbearable even as a teacher too, you want your pupils to excel and exceed abundantly not to lose their lives at a rate it is now. life has taken a different turn after loss of many young souls surely we need to correct this before young generation is wiped from this earth. she said life today is about grief every where you turn and she went quiet for a moment not knowing she was sobbing from the back ground…..she said to me I have a message for this young generation and I wish I could turn back the clock and teach again, and tell my pupils something that we teachers may have left in class, something that they did not get right….. guys I sobbed too.. to cut the story short mum said….. I wish I can hear from all my children I taught back in the days I want to give them a blessing and a message to pass on to their children and grandchildren so that tusunge imiti ikula to carry our legacy and live happily and health forever. She said to me I only want to hear they are well and alive. Then I said to her mum…..that was a powerful message mum….. I will try to find 1 or 2 of your students from either schools. That is the reason I have posted this here. My Mum’s names are Mrs Victoria Tambatamba Kapekele popularly known as bana Mpundu a retired Teacher taught from both schools mentioned above. Will be great to here from you her pupils. Thanks.


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