Here l go again, this morning I woke up feeling a bit Meh with a dull headache. I was feeling rough inside me but just ignored and decided to carry on. For some reason I didn’t check my Blood Pressure for fear of the unknown… do not try that always follow your instinct and get checked or if you do have a blood pressure machine check yourself, the feeling was what l felt sometime back when I experienced some escalating pressure on my heart. I usually get to do something that will distract my mind and of course do some green smoothies. Today I did all that but nothing ever shook it off.

I again ignored and went about my business, reading blogs that have just been published across various sites. I was just thinking through my day ahead, and positive visualisation started streaming at the back of my mind. I put down all my plans all that I got to do but the headache was unbearable, I had my phone on silent because I did not want noise hence shunned talking on the phone. I missed a lot of calls but told my heart I will call them later.

Then, something just told me.. pick up the phone there goes my little angel my nephew Kapampa Kapekele Sichula, I so dearly love this boy, he is the most distinctive, smart and intelligent boy I know. He has done big things a boy of his age can not do. I thank my sister for raising him with so much discipline ooh and her constant motherly love, I surely will not forget his teachers hats off to guys.

So the mobile rang I picked up a call and of course I said hi baby sis, no I was wrong it was my nephew, my heart went boom boom boom⚠⚠⚠for some reason his voice was calm and sweet as ever, he said aunt Christine it’s me Kapampa…I said yes son as I address him, what’s the matter is everything OK! Then he said yes again, I asked him is your mum and brother OK? he said yes… you can imagine how my heartbeat was racing. Anyway so we carried on with our conversation we chat about so many things and he said aunt christine are you surprised that I called you, I just want us to build a bondage that will be solid enough for us to stand on, no matter what the world may bring us….guys I was terrified and full of tears😭 I did not know what to say, I thought he was sent to tell me this…but no his words, my heart leaped with joy I had tears all over my face, I wanted to throw my billion of kisses and hugs across the Pacific ocean to Zambia Africa but I couldn’t.. I kissed him on the phone I hold the phone to my chest still screaming the words I love you, I love you my boy you have made my day, you have lowered my blood pressure, my headache is gone, my body feels lighter, my eyes sees more clearly, you just don’t know what you have done thank you thank you so much. Friends there is an angel in a child, let us embrace them let us find time to talk to children no matter how busy we are one minute of a conversation with a little one will change your life and heal you from an illness or broken heart. They are the living angels we have on earth. Pick up a small gift and give it to a child today, you will see the most beautiful smiles ever. Their undying sweet, gentle souls bring this world to a more friendlier and happy place to live on. Happy Day.


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