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A morning greeting can save a life

I learnt something from Dad, one day he woke me up in the morning and told me….daughter go out and say good morning to 10 people…..I set off just within my community greeted 10 people and brought the replies back to Dad….he asked me did you say good morning to 10 people? I said yes Dad with my face down….Dad said why are u looking so low…I replied Dad you shouldn’t have sent me to greet the neighbours….people wake up with tempers, their faces and all the entire bodies appeared so exhausted like they have just been unchained from a slavery duty….Dad said you are right my daughter because when you sleep the brain keep the most active memories, it records your daily activities and continue replaying in a sleep, lets take an example of sleeping with an “angry heart” when people wake up in the morning they wake up with it and hence the tempers, if they carry it for days weeks and worse years, can you imagine the damage this will cause to their health, if people don’t change their way of life it becomes their daily bread always they are bitter, angry, agitated and miserable….they often give all sorts of reasons for their behaviour and often times let it on family members, friends and colleagues. Learn to forgive and forget always wear a smile even when it aren’t easy to do so, because it lightens your spirit and prevents that blood clot from going far. Please forgive, let your smile lift that chained heart it’s about to explode.❤❤❤❤ Happy Day everyone.xx