Hi guys I have neglected you for so long, have not posted any blog for a while this does not mean I quit. I read most of your blogs and it’s so inspiring to see how you guys work so hard. I promise from now onwards I will be consistent and make sure I am upto date with my journey in giving health tips, beauty, lifestyle and motivation talks.

I recently had posted some not serious videos in my YouTube channel, they made me happy neverless. I have been trying to build my channel and bring the world closer to me so together we can laugh out loud. I posted a video of me twerking to firm my abs and butt like I said I was just playing and having fun after my birthday, so the next morning I realise I had 10 subscribers isn’t that so inspiring, just that little number of people watching me put a tripple trillion times of a laughter on my face. I decided to do this blog and share with you how much little things change our lives. I have so much energy and am very enthusiastic to even push more in my journey as a blogger. I will share the the video here that made me so happy.


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