Happy weekend. This afternoon as I sat down in the lounge sipping pineapple and mangoe smoothie to refresh mind, I try to meditate about life and fears of setting up an online business . Questions like what did I do best yesterday? How do I make a difference from what I started? How do I link my yesterday to today and eventually tomorrow mounts.  As I hit the search engine fear and anxiety kicks in at another level watching things dragging and crawling at the high street. Seasonal cold chills covers the surfaces as I run through same roads l passed through yesterday, the other day and the all of the last decade, I take a deep breath and look up in the skies the only consolation comes from above as I see a full beautiful moon shinning through my window seal, I know deep inside me nature lives forever and not a humankind. I then shook myself off, pick up my sketch plan, and throw my arms high in the clouds like I just dont care. I stretch my toes up to see how far the end of the tunnel is, then a little light appears from afar.  My hope builds again as I soldier on. Not matter how fearful the situation appears there’s hope in the end.


Not everyone has a huge capital to invest into something. Everyone wants a zero free expenditure bank account, but people who have done so well are less likely to empower you with secrets to their successful business, it’s either they mislead you by luring you to keep buying their products that aren’t make you see a greenery field or let you remain at your same level whilst they rise. it’s not everyone who has a six figure digit who can build a career over night. People with low knowledge and skill framework are at risk of scam and most targeted across media. Before you actually get your products on the market ensure you get yourself full knowledge and skills that needs to be implemented in your business strategy before rushing to spend on anything. Start from the scratches, spend more time watching ideas of successful entrepreneurs, get to the root of their businesses how they started, learn from it mistakes are their to make you strong, do not take any negative attitude cross social network platform,  any information you come across is useful in one way or the other, try and follow popular blogs, share their videos and vlogs ask them as many questions as you can and each time take some notes down in your dairy. It not will be long before you realise everyone will be searching your name in all sorts of networking media. I hope this information will help someone.


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