Quick way to kick off a cold

Whenever I catch a cold, what comes in mind is virus/bacteria I deep down realise it’s entirely up to me to flash it out of my system. Here is what helps me bit a cold in two days: 1. Rising out of bed can be quiet difficult so I prefer to do some stretch exercises that decongest your nose instantly. it helps stiff muscles moving. 2. I then put boil ginger, cinnamon, lemon and mint leaves together about 15 minutes cool it down add honey and black pepper. drink whilst still warm. 3. Boil some water about 2 litres add olive oil, mint leaves and ginger, cover your head underneath this bow to inhale the flavours. Do that for as long as you can possibly tolerate it. 4. Massage the entire body with a warm spong or heat pack.Good luck.


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