cymera_20150517_083057Time and again we find ourselves lonely some point in life. Anyone can experience loneliness regardless of age or where you come from. Often times we fall at the rescue of our loved ones for comfort. Life begins changing when you leave your family home to go and start a life of your own. People migrate from one continent to the other in search of greenery fields, once you find yourself in strange places you first want to establish contacts with people you meet. At every step of your journey you will need someone to talk to. I have to believe that having friends is good experience and a life time remedy to help ease stress and be happy. When we have friends we are much happier and at some point in life they tend to replace the family, because they are so dear to us they run after us before our family, they embrace and rejoice with us in our difficult and happy moments.

At this stage we feel secured having them as part of our family, you can not do without them, the bond is so strong they are like your own blood family. You share everything with them you spend hours chatting on phone (whatsapp, skype, snapchat, facebook instagram twitter name them, sometime you even neglect your own family because you are so glued into this relationship. As the saying goes family will always be family, friends come and go!!!!

Life will turn a twist at some point if things go wrong the friendship you valued highly start changing colours, simple things you don’t expect to happen start to ruine your friendship. You regularly call your friend every single day, you chat for hours none stop, you always rush to pick up calls from you friends, in return definitely you will be needing equal treatment but it doesn’t always shine as you expect it. Pride start fusing into your friendship, your friend only picks calls when it suits them, they will always shorten the conversation anytime it suits them, at this stage your anxiety is building with anger, you keep asking yourself questions….Why am I always rushing for his/her calls, why does she/he always answers me when its convenient to them, why does she/he not reply to my calls or answer immediately. The fear of losing a friend kicks in, you indulge yourself in emotions, you shared so much and probably this is the only friend you trusted, you become vulnerable at the expense of losing friendship. You have exhausted all means to keep a friendship and let it work but all failed. I would like to tell you friends no matter what bond you created with such friends, at one point it comes to an end. You can do better without friends that constantly pulls you down, you will not get anywhere with them. Come out of that shell, entangle those chains they have enslaved you in, there is something you can do for yourself.


  1. Occupy your mind with what you can do best, search online what others are doing.
  2. Build your career, plan your daily ahead whenever you think about something that can make you happy write it down, do a research on it.
  3. Check people in media who are promoting value to the community try and partcipate, you might meet someone to inspire you into doing something.
  4. Do not lock yourself indoors take a walk in the park if the weather is favourable in your area, talk to your family for suggestions about work, entrepreneur and anything you can ever think of.

Slowly you will be coming out of the vulnerable friendship you are in, you will meet friends at your level who will pick you up and start all over again.

Finally in life we must value family first we must always put them first before anyone, your family will argue, fight but they will always be your family. Friends will come and go only true friends will be with you a life time.


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