20150925_071427I would like to share something today regarding living a healthy life. The knowledge am sharing is not based on picking any professionals out there. it’s purely from my own experience and how I value health life.

Few years ago I fell ill was hospitalized for 4 weeks, every new day that comes l mediated about life, I watched nurses and Doctors flocking in and out of my unit, looking so health I wondered if they ever fell sick in their lives. I admired people walking in the hospital surroundings whenever I could get a chance to go out. I cried and longed for my family who where miles away. I remember talking to Dad on a telephone call he said to me “Christina my daughter you are in a foreign land no one is there for you no one will come to your hospital bed to offer what you want to eat or drink, Doctors and nurses will only provide there services, meaning they will give you medication once in a while tell you to eat but very rarely if luck you would get that, If you want to get better and ill quickly do it yourself when you get discharged by the grace of God run for your life be on your toes”.

That day I spoke to Dad was different it was a beginning of my health life changing. when I got discharged from the hospital I went home with so much about living a healthy life. I spent hours and hours to Google things and try them at home. Back with my consultant in few weeks later, I was expecting to get more time and relate my condition and how I was doing, I tried to stipulate each one by one but you can not have it your way. it’s was stated I had only 10 minutes to be with the Consultant. I quickly just explained one case not even had a chance to go in details. out of anguish trekked down the corridors and back home feeling vulnerable about 10 minutes consultation, I surely did not blame him he had heavy caseload awaiting him all staff were very pleasant and helpful they were kind and did there best to help me get better. But I remembered words from Dad ”if you want to stay healthy the ball is in your hands”. I decided to go my way every time I felt funny or not just being me health wise I do it myself I turn 10 minutes consultation into 10 times health search engine, 10 times of searching remedies, 10 times of exercise daily, 10 times of a laughter with my family, 10 times more happier than ever before. I hope this post inspires someone who has and going through a similar situation as mine.


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