I have decided to write something about what I came to discover years back regarding social media and internet. Coming from a background where Internet is very expensive and in most cases people look spooked upon hearing the word “INTERNET” I am happy my father introduced me to Internet at a tender age. Life today is moving at a fast rate in terms of technology, communication,  jobs search, travelling, education, entrepreneurs etc. Internet has made things easier in almost every aspect of life.  Definitely I would personally say when you have Internet you have a whole world at your hands. Not until I was exposed to Western ends,  I did not know Internet was a platform for source of income and career development. When you are curious about changing your way of life, you will truly get what you want and be who you want to be. There is so much hard work to put up with. Today everywhere in the world you will come across people who have never used Internet or even keen to know what goes on around the world, hence the ignorance and lack of information.  I give thanks to social media Facebook, Instagram, twitter, name them… where atleast billion of population around the world are now getting familised to and get to know what is happening. Although there is still a large number of people living in criticism of social media,  I can not blame them, for some reasons people shun social media due to privacy and not just trusting what goes on e.g scams, scam is everywhere and not just Internet, you can avoid it but you can not run away from it, the entire world’s market, education, entrepreneurs,  jobs etc is online (internet),  whatever you lay you hands on, there is use of Internet. It is what it is, if you can’t win, but to go with the flow….. 

So I decided if I live in the fears of Internet I will not get anywhere. Out of curiosity I spent years checking stuff on Internet day by day I started understanding it and fell in love with it, I spent hours during the night watching videos about fashion beauty and anything about life because I was keen to learn something about it. I envied the confidence and passion people had in uploading things in social media e.g Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, I knew it was not just for fun, until one day I came across videos from Youtubers, vlogs and blogs thats when things started unfolding and I realised  there was a lot more people don’t get to tell you behind those “LIKES, COMMENTS, SUBSCRIPTION, FOLLOWING you put on social media across. It was and still today is not for “FUN”  someone out there is using internet to make a living and getting jobs, someone out there is searching for fashion, recipes, herbal medicine, comedy as a way of making extra money and work from home. People are working hard through Internet “asking how’s that possible when someone just sits front of a laptop and money gets into your bank account”.People need to advertise market and sell their products, they need you and I to follow them in order get the messages around the world. How many people view, how many people likes, how long you spend on watching products is what people wants as it prompt us to buy and share their stuff in social media. We promote their businesses and they grow from there, Adsense their accounts for a source of income and live happily thereafter. 

You can also do it have passion, patience, determination and curiosity to get information, check things out there and decided with a one “click” go for whatever you feel you can do best. I am giving this information basing on my own experience and I want to share with someone out their who it may help. Please ask me any questions about my blog today, leave the comments below the link and I will reply as soon as possible. Thankyou for taking your time to check my blog. 


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