I wake up 5 am, after the alarm. Before I get up I do stretch exercise in bed and off the the bed. This helps me to prepare  my morning. If you do a travelling job like me you will understand that covering 10 miles between 08.30 to 2pm isn’t that easy, but very beneficial in the end. I like walking because it keeps me fit and gym free. 

How I do my bed exercise:                         This will be followed by the video in due course: 

Stretch both your arms side ways whilst laying on your back. Repeat that facing down at the same time stretch your legs in any directions to encourage blood circulation. 

Sitting position, bend your legs towards your face if you can manage, release and repeat again 3 to 6 times.

Flip your feet up, down, side ways, circle mortion and relax. Massage your neck and back, when you feel ready, get out of bed and do some squats, sit ups jump jump by the time you finish all these simple getting ready to get out of bed exercise, you will fill refresh and energised to start your day on a good note.

Hopefully you can try that it is very helpful for anyone feeling unwell or have chronic conditions.  My advice is purely based on my experience at home with family and friends. I am not a professional trainer or rather an athlete’s. Exercise is good for everyone it prevents diseases and keeps us fit. Try it if you works for you leave me a comment or suggestions. 


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