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Today I specifically picked that topic to share with you, how much positivity and motivations I have received from your feedback. That sounds to general oops! I would like to thank everyone of you that liked my blogs, you made such a huge difference and inspired me to keep trying. The day l started blogging I was very excited to write a story of who l am, why l choose blogging my life and things. I also posted a video on my channel below the link👇👇👇 l explained why l want to take blogging as my second job. I have looked at many applications and sites, I am quiet amazed how people work so hard, I did not know people get paid for posting videos in Youtube, I did not know people make money from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other applications l don’t know. Probably this blog will open someone’s ears and realise how much opportunities are there in the “POWER OF INTERNET” am highly motivated to continue posting blogs and videos,again its because of you handful people that will make me open new doors to success. Thanks again for your outpouting support.