What has prompted me to start blogging 

Am writing about what has prompted me to start blogging. To start with there has been so many challenges that I have faced in life and been in full time jobs. I see myself not luck working for someone, all the devoted time you give to make sure the tasks are met are not seen or rather not appreciated. When you know very well you had put in so much such that you don’t have nothing left for your life. I feel this way 24/7, I do love my job so much but, I just feel I can do better on my own. I may not have a capacity to get whatever I need to fend for my life, but my passion and energy will drive me into a crowd of opportunities, my determination has soared higher and higher before I can see ends meet. There so many people out there who may feel what I feel, suffocating underneath the shell, my advice to you don’t suffer any more there’s more things you can do out there spread your wings open your eyes widely. Better now or never. 


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